Saturday, July 14, 2007

Organic Vehicles for Preparation of Thick-Film Paste

To prepare a paste for thick-film ink one way is to mix the following organic vehicles:

Terpineol Solvent
Ethyl Cellulose Resin

Terpineol solvent can be made by stirring α-Terpineol with Ethanol. I have no any idea for ratio of α-terpineol and the ethanol for now. But in some papers have been s
uggested by stirring α-terpineol 1wt% into ethanol 47wt%. After that we can dissolve the Ethyl Cellulose Resin into the Terpineol Solvent at room temperature in ratio of X:1 (X stand for terpineol solvent and can be varied from 5 to 15, e.g. the ratio 12:1 means we must dissolve the 92.3wt% Terpineol Solvent into 7.7wt% Ethyl Cellulose).

The metal oxide powder then can be added in desired ratio into this organic mixture and stirred to form homogenous paste by a magnetic stirrer. The ratio of metal oxide into the organic vehicle causes to change the rheology and viscosity of the paste. So we have to find the best ratio into the mixture. It’d better to prepare different sample and study their properties by try and error.

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